8 Ways in Naples, FL to Take Care of Mama Bear

Taking care of yourself shouldn't be considered a luxury. It helps make you a better parent-partner

By Sandy Wallace and Kelly J Suarez April 21, 2021

As parents, sometimes we take care of everyone's needs and we are all the time "on the go", ready to help or thinking what's next; well we also need to "make" the time to take care of ourselves, since nobody can do it for us.

It's certainly a lot harder to fill your little one's emotional needs if your own emotional bank account is on empty. 

So it's time to focus more on us! Here are eight ideas on how moms like us can find that important time for themselves in Naples, FL:

1. Enjoy lunch with a friend

Whether you stay at home or work outside the home, lunch is a great time to meet a friend. It helps break up the day and gives you renewed energy to face the rest of your day. Some of my favorite spots for lunch are First Watch the one that is close to the Lowdermilk Park, USS Nemo, The Lake Park Diner, Organically Twisted and Seed to Table. 

2. Find your "people"

Join a local parenting group on Facebook, get together with other parents from your child's school, or find a local club or organization that matches your interests. I personally like the Moms of Naples Group on Facebook It's run by Karly a local mom who's always doing monthly meet ups. 

3. Schedule a spa day

Relax, lie back, and feel your everyday concerns wash away with a spa day at The Woodhouse Day Spa, Massage LuXe, The Spa & Salon at Naples Grande Beach Resort. Your newly energized self will thank you.

4. Spend time outdoors

In 1845, Henry David Thoreau wrote "Walden" while secluded in the woods of Massachusetts. More than 50 years later, many scientists agree that Thoreau's meditation on life and nature is spot on. Give nature a try; you won't regret it. Some of my favorite trails for a beautiful meditative walk are Gordon River Green Park, Clam Pass, Naples Preserve and Freedom Park.

5. Try a new hobby or activity 

It's easy to get bogged down with all of life's "busyness." Take a little time away and explore an activity or hobby you've always wanted to try. From individual hobbies like photography or quilting to group activities like paint nights, running, or cycling groups, there's something for everyone. There is something for everyone out there, some of them are: Naples Art, Stroller Moms Facebook Group, Naples Botanical Garden, etc.

6. Plan a romantic date night

Enlist the help of grandparents or exchange date night babysitting with a friend. Have dinner at your favorite restaurant, enjoy a movie or theater performance, or take a walk outdoors at sunset. There are some of the places that I like to go for date night with my husband at Venice Village Shoppes (with a width variety of restaurants and amazing views), USS Nemo, Mercato and The Downtown. Where you go doesn't matter, but having your partner along will make the night special.

7. Quiet time

Spending time alone is good for the soul. Read a book after the kids are in bed or at school, take a walk in your neighborhood alone, or sit on your backyard and just breath! Don't feel like you always have to be doing something "productive."

8. Check the Naples, FL Macaroni Kid calendar

There are so many fun family-friendly events in Naples, many of which are also perfect to attend alone, with a friend, or with your partner. Take a few minutes out of your busy life and charge your emotional battery by doing something you enjoy — even if you don't take the kids! 

Taking care of yourself is so important, and not something to be overlooked. I've found that taking care of myself helps me to be happier and healthier, a better mom, wife and daughter, between some other things -- which, in turn, makes me a better person at the end of the day.


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