ABC Activities to do in Naples, FL (Part 1)

Family friendly activities to do anytime!!!

By Kelly J Suarez April 26, 2021

Macaroni Kid Naples, FL is always on the loop for activities and places to go. I have created a complete list where you can choose from and decided where you want to go and have fun with your Family, expect ABC - part 2 coming soon.

And now I got to tell you, while I was creating this list I did not know that we have so many playgrounds in the area, I am sure my kids are going to love the new ones that we are going to visit pretty soon. Please click on the name of the places for more information. Let's go to new places and boost our kids knowledge and imagination, share with your friends and family.

1. Playgrounds and Community parks

Always fun, always fresh and always smiley faces everywhere. Have you go to all of them?

  Aquatic park; it is getting hot, have these on hand!

For more parks in the area click here.

2. Indoors/Outdoors $$$

Shiny or rainy you know what you are going to do anyday!

3. Beaches

Favorite part of most the people who lives in Naples. Kids have a blast whether is in the morning or at sunset time. 

For more information click here.

4. Walk trails

Exercise the whole family while you listen to the birds and the wild life.

5. Libraries

libraries have something that you can not get tired of them, kids can boost their imagination, learn about different cultures and feel the freedom with the good amount of books that the library has to show. Ps: I also love the AC!!

  • Golden Gate Public Library
  • East Naples
  • Estates
  • Headquarters
  • Naples Regional
  • South Regional
  • Vanderbilt Beach

Click here for more information about location, hours, amenities, etc.

If you have any place that you think should be in this list please let me now to updated at



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